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Welcome to Jonathan’s Landing

This is our temporary landing page while we build our website which is coming Fall 2023

Founder, Jason Eichenholz with his son Jonathan (18) who is a young adult with autism.

What happens to my child after I am gone?

This question keeps parents and families with a child on the autism spectrum up at night and tears at the soul. We are providing an answer.

Our mission is to relentlessly pursue housing and employment solutions that provide a life of dignity, meaning, and purpose for adults with autism and give parents peace knowing their child is safe and happy.

Live: Housing For 500

An intentional community for adults across the spectrum with varying levels of needs and independence.

Work: 5000 Jobs

Training and meaningful employment opportunities across the spectrum in technology, food, and hospitality.

Learn: Share Knowledge and Resources

Unprecedented collaboration and research to enhance services and improve opportunity for autistic adults and their families.

Community: Inclusion Leads The Way

We are dedicated to creating an inclusive and accessible place that honors the uniqueness and individuality of our residents.

Jonathan’s Landing will be the pre-eminent living community for autistic adults in the world and once built, we will then freely share out learnings and business models with the rest of the world!

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