Why Not Change The World?

We're Answering the Call for Adults With Autism

The Most Comprehensive Intentional Community for Adults with Autism

For parents and caregivers of a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), there are few answers about how to provide holistic care for their child when they turn 21. Every parent wonders what will happen to their child when they are gone. Will they be truly cared for? 


Jonathan’s Landing is creating the world’s most comprehensive intentional community for adults with autism across the spectrum of needs and diagnosis. 


This community is the vision of father and tech entrepreneur Jason Eichenholz whose son Jonathan is a young adult with autism. And it is created with the belief that all people with autism deserve to live a life of dignity and purpose.

At Jonathan's Landing, Live and Work Exist on Two Equal Pillars

Big problems require big solutions. Jonathan’s Landing is built on a new paradigm where live and work exist on equal pillars from inception. 


Where living means inclusion for adults across the spectrum of autism. Where working includes access to broader opportunities within leading industries of the region.


And all of this takes place in a community where knowledge, resources, and best practices are shared freely and collaboratively through an open-source model. 

Opportunity. Community. Dignity.

A Place To Call Home

Adults with autism are capable of living full, meaningful lives and making incredible contributions to our communities and our world. Jonathan’s Landing exists to be a bridge between these worlds.


Our Orlando-based campus, will offer world-class housing and meaningful employment paths supported by the highest quality of care, programs, and services. 


Our goal is simple: to help each Jonathan’s Landing resident live safely and joyfully while achieving their maximum level of independence and self-care.

A Problem In Need of Bold Solutions

The Challenge

Currently, there is no financially or operationally sustainable solution that solves for the complexity of autism while addressing the comprehensive well-being of an individual throughout the span of their adult lifetime. 


As a result, parents are left with no solution as the responsibility of long-term care shifts to family and society creating generational burden and economic strain.


children aged 8 years in the US are diagnosed with autism, double the national average just 10 years ago ¹


of Florida children aged 3 to 17 are estimated to have autism, as of 2016 findings ²


individuals with autism in Central Florida alone are registered with the UCF Center for Autism & Related Disabilities (CARD) to get better access to resources ³


of adults with ASD in Florida remain unemployed even after receiving vocational rehabilitation services ⁴


or more of these adults will not graduate from their postsecondary education pathway ⁵

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A Model For Affordability

Changing The Paradigm

To accomplish our goals and achieve our mission, Jonathan’s Landing is developing a portfolio of for-profit social enterprises which it will own. 100% of the profits from these businesses will go to helping lower the cost of residential care, programs, and services for residents and families.


These enterprises will enhance and introduce new skills, create jobs, and increase career paths and opportunities for residents and community members, while helping fuel Orlando’s and Central Florida’s economy.

Dignity. Growth. Purpose.

Our North Star

Our goal is to provide the highest level of services and the most joyful life experience at the lowest cost to individuals and families. 

Every fiber of our being, mission, and vision is rooted in delivering a path to dignity, growth, and purpose.

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