Bringing the Joy of Live Events to People of All Needs and Abilities

Access and inclusion are the core of who we are and what we are building at Jonathan’s Landing. 


“Events With Jonathan™ supports organizations across Central Florida that serve both children and adults with a range of physical and hidden disabilities including Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, autism, physical and visual impairments, and veterans with PTSD.


These individuals and their families often miss out on sporting and entertainment events because the lights, crowds, noise, and basic access can create multiple barriers to entry.  

"The possibility and promise of what Events with Jonathan™️ can do for so many in our community to attend events they couldn’t access before is immense.”
Michelle DeVos
Events Chair

Events with Jonathan™ addresses this challenge through leveraging the generosity of businesses and organizations who gift their corporate suites and tickets to our program. 


Jonathan’s Landing provides these suites to organizations across Orlando and Central Florida, providing a private and secure environment for individuals and families to create lasting memories at events they never thought were possible to attend.

The Events With Jonathan™ Experience

Our top priority is to make the process as easy as possible for organizations and those they serve. 

NonPareil, OCA, Conductive Education Centers of Orlando (CECO), and Chance 2 Dance are just a few of the great organizations we’ve helped experience the joy of live events. 

The Events With Jonathan™ team coordinates pre-event communications and logistics to provide as seamless an experience as possible. Participating organizations only need to distribute the electronic tickets to their families and staff, show up, and enjoy the event. 

Coming Soon!

2023–2024 Events Schedule

We’re honored to announce that our 2023 events schedule will soon be launching in partnership with the Orlando Magic. Stay tuned, and check back for dates as we post them this fall and winter!

The First of Its Kind

A Slam Dunk With The Orlando Magic

After a successful 10-game pilot serving over 150 participants across 10 organizations during the 2022-23 basketball season, Events With Jonathan™ is expanding to a 25-game partnership with the Orlando Magic. This exclusive partnership with the Magic is the first of its kind in the country, and will serve as a pilot for future expansion nationally.


The Events With Jonathan experience includes: 

  • Event tickets with private suite access
  • Food, water, and soft drinks
  • Sensory Kits (for sound and light sensitivity)
  • Easy-Access Restrooms 
  • Cushioned Chairs & Seats
  • Access to additional handicap parking is also available upon request.

Social Stories for Attendees

Social stories are a great tool that allow us to show individuals what they will experience at an event, as well as to plan for emotions and feelings they might experience.


In these video social stories, we show you what it is like to attend an Events with Jonathan™️ evening where we see a basketball game played by the Orlando Magic and a hockey game with the Solar Bears. You’ll see what the event is like from the private suite we will be in, as well as all of the things we have to make sure the lights and sounds are not too overwhelming.

Meet The Team

Michelle DeVos
Program Chair

Michelle DeVos is a philanthropist, advocate, and mother of four children. She and her husband, Ryan, invest in programs focused on education and wellness. Michelle is the chair for Events with Jonathan, on the executive committee for Orlando Science Center and on the board of directors for the Orlando Magic Youth Foundation and AdventHealth for Children Foundation. Previously, Michelle served as director of fan experience and operations for the Orlando Magic. Michelle is a graduate of University of Central Florida.

Keeley Ehrenreich
Co-Founder, Ambassador

As an ambassador for Events with Jonathan, Keeley is committed to ensuring guest satisfaction and event excellence. A devoted mother to four teenagers, she is fueled by her love for music and a deep commitment to community engagement. With a combination of a bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration and an MBA, Keeley is celebrated for her innovative thinking, unwavering drive, and enthusiastic approach to embracing new challenges.

Amanda Glaeser
Operations Manager

Amanda, a seasoned professional with over 15 years’ experience as a C-Suite executive assistant, coupled with more than 20 years of management expertise. Amanda is fueled by an unwavering dedication to empowering and assisting others.

A Personal Dream

The Events With Jonathan Story

Events With Jonathan was conceived by successful serial entrepreneur, Jason Eichenholz, Ph.D., after seeing how his son Jonathan, who is a young adult with autism, responded so positively to the excitement of a loud arena football game in the more intimate microenvironment of a corporate suite. 


The cushioned chairs, smaller crowds and quiet hallways – plus easy access to restrooms, snacks and food with no lines – made Jonathan comfortable enough to stay for an entire game.


Jason had frequently attended events and noticed a significant number of suites that were often “dark,” and wondered whether there might be an opportunity to help more people like his son while giving corporate suite owners an opportunity to “do social good and make a meaningful difference.” Events With Jonathan™ was the answer.

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