Redefining The Financial Paradigm 

Using Social Enterprises and Partnerships To Power Our Mission

The cost of living and care models for adults with autism is unattainable for most families. Jonathan’s Landing is leveraging scale, for-profit enterprise, and truly innovative strategic alliances to deliver the maximum level of services and support at the lowest possible cost to families and residents. By amplifying our impact through these force multipliers, we have the chance to create a life of dignity and opportunity for adults with autism, power our mission, lower costs to residents and families, and achieve greater sustainability.


By incorporating for-profit businesses at the core of our model, we use our profits to power our mission and achieve self-sustainability. 


With a coalition of best-in-class partners from nonprofit, government, and for-profit organizations, we’re creating better solutions and improved outcomes. 


When operating at scale, we can achieve a high quality of housing, services, and job paths at a lower cost to families. 

Our First Venture

Cellphone Tablet Repair & Disposition

The cellphone and tablet repair and disposition industry offers numerous pathways to skills, training, and professional certification which can lead to job and volunteer opportunities for neurodiverse adults.


Jonathan’s Landing has researched the industry and built sophisticated and comprehensive business models to support the exploration and future launch of it’s first social enterprise, targeted for 2024.

“As a leader in tech repair and IT asset disposition, I am passionate about the remarkable opportunity Jonathan's Landing has to create meaningful career pathways for people with autism. This not only has the potential to significantly impact the lives of individuals and families, but also holds the promise of bolstering the economy here in Central Florida and beyond.”
Chris Jöhncke
Technology Advisor