A Bridge to Opportunity

We believe that dignity and belonging come from both living with maximum independence and having access to meaningful work and career opportunities. 


Adults with autism deserve a community with skills training, coaching, and job opportunities. With the right support, they can apply their unique personal talents, intelligence, and work ethic for a true sense of inclusion and purpose. 


Importantly, this requires welcoming environments with companies who understand and appreciate the differences and value each individual offers.

“When given the right coaching, training, guidance, and environment, adults with autism are capable of incredibly tangible and meaningful impact. However, they must be afforded the access and opportunity to shine.”
Rajiv Menon
CEO of Informulate

The Spectrum of Employment

With over 20,000 families impacted by autism in Central Florida alone, there is a massively underutilized workforce in our backyard.


Jonathan’s Landing is developing an integrated skills training, coaching, and mentoring program in alliance with local service providers and industry experts. 


This program will provide both direct vocational and professional training for adults with autism, as well as training and coaching for employers to prepare them to successfully onboard and support new employees. 

5,000 Jobs & Career Path Opportunities

Employment Programs

Training and support for onsite jobs and career opportunities at Jonathan’s Landing and with partner organizations in technology, culinary, and hospitality sectors.


Employer-based training and programs to support hiring, onboarding, managing, and leading neurodivergent adult employees and those with autism.

JL Social

Inclusive and dedicated training and support for adults with autism to develop career opportunities within social enterprises owned by Jonathan’s Landing in the technology, culinary, and hospitality sectors.

Leveraging The Magic Of The Region

At the very heart of Jonathan’s Landing is access to a constellation of businesses and workforce development strategic alliances throughout Central Florida and the region in the technology, food service, and hospitality sectors. 


The goal is to provide meaningful work to adults with autism that they enjoy and which provides career pathways and employment for all abilities.    


Initiate Pilot Program and Social Enterprise Development


Launch Employee/Employer Training Program and JL Social Enterprise

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